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Be our Guest Blogger

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Every day millions of articles are written and published on websites across the world, ranging from product reviews to life of parents and beyond.  These websites are often referred to as blogs and are a great of way of earning back links to your own website.

Which is why we’re opening up this blog to you, the community and its businesses.

Twitter is fantastic for writing short little nuggets of information, but sometimes you need more than just 140 characters.

So what are we looking for from you, well if you follow these guidelines you won’t be going too wrong.

The Guest Bloggers Guidelines

  1. You’re going to need to submit your article with at least one image and the article must be a minimum of 300 words.
  2. Ideally you will be based in Torbay or South Devon
  3. Images must be relevant to the subject you are writing about, pointless popping a picture of Justin Bieber on an article that is to do with hamburgers, unless he’s eating a 100 of them.
  4. Images and/or content that is used from another source must be referenced accordingly.
  5. No Offensive articles, hate, racial or any other kind will be accepted
  6. No pornographic content including links to such websites
  7. NOTE: We will check every blog post submitted before publishing!!!

Other than the above we welcome articles across a range of topics, including events and more.  To get your article on this website, simply ping it over to us on [email protected] and we’ll do the rest, alternatively fill out the form below.

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Boost News Desk
Boost News Desk
Robert Haylor has 14 years of web development experience, starting out as a web developer whilst still in his university dorm room at Birmingham City University. With a background and a strong interest in website design & development he is skilled in a variety of programming languages including PHP, MySQL, CSS3 and HTML5. As Managing Director of Boost Digital Media, he regularly jumps on to client projects on a daily basis as well as ensuring the company strategy is being implemented and is delivering results.

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