Torbay Community Organisations Need Your Votes

Torbay Community Organisations Need Your Votes

Community organisations around Torbay need your votes for the Aviva Community Fund.

The Aviva Community Fund offers community organisations the chance to get the funding they need to make their projects a reality.

It is open to everyone within the community sector, whether you’re a Aviva customer or not.

In Torbay 13 organisations are listed for the Aviva Community fund, these organisations include:

How to help

To help each of the very worth organisations above you will need to log onto the Aviva Community Fund website.

From here you will need to register for an account, it only takes 2 minutes and you can opt out of getting any kind of emails from Aviva.

Once done you will be given 10 votes, you can choose to give all of your votes to one project or spread them amount among the community organisations.

For the first time this year, the Aviva Community fund has also linked up with crowdfunding website, Crowdfunder to help organisations raise the vital funds they need for their project.

Be sure to register, and visit the crowdfunding website for each of the community organisations.

Voting closes on the 20th November and behalf of Boost Torbay we wish all of the organisations the very best of luck.


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