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Ageing Well Torbay introduces Torbay Over Fifties Assembly

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Ageing Well Torbay, are working with organisations and people over 50 to help deliver the new Torbay Over Fifties Assembly, TOFA for short.

The new assembly has been a key element of Ageing Well, Torbay’s initial bid to the Big Lottery, and is therefore a vital legacy that should be left behind by the programme.

The goal of the assembly will be to ensure people in later life have a true platform and power within Torbay, that has been negotiated with local statutory services.

Giving local people over 50 a voice

The whole aim of TOFA is to be the voice of local people aged 50 and over in Torbay.

TOFA will:

  • Influence decisions regarding local services and policies so that they take into accounts the needs and interests of those 50 and over.
  • Ensure people over 50 have an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience current services
  • Provide feedback of changes to services and policies
  • TO support and drive the local authority, statuary, voluntary and private organisations to achieve and maintain Age Friendly Status.
  • Be a representative for all older people across Torbay
  • Celebrate ageing and older people in Torbay

Age Friendly Status

Since 2017, Ageing Well Torbay have held 20 Food For Thought Events.

The findings have delivered results that closely align with the World Health Organisation’s Age Friendly Status areas for development and improvement.

It is because of this that the Ageing Well group, along with backing from the local council and statutory partners will be applying to join the UK Age Friendly Network to gain Age-Friendly Status for Torbay.

Available Roles

Of course the Torbay Over Fifties Assembly will need help being put together. To this end the following roles are available for you to get involved with.

Torbay Assembly Member

  • Have your voice heard
  • Have a role by sharing local concerns, needs, suggestions and solutions
  • Use your knowledge and experience to improve current services

A local Over 50’s Assembly Rep

  • Help with organising and lending local meetings
  • Present the assembly members’ priorities and findings to the Assembly Action Group
  • Feedback to the assembly members on actions and opportunities to get involved in local focus groups.
  • Ensure all over 50’s involved have clear communication.

Assembly Action Group Member

  • Influence and steer decisions regarding services, strategies and policies concerning people aged 50 and over
  • Hear peoples views, thoughts, ideas and issues, then create solutions or further investigate with our statutory, voluntary business partners.
  • Be inclusive and represent all older people their diverse needs and views

Get involved

Further details about TOFA can be found here.

If you would like to get involved or are interested in joining the Torbay Over Fifities Assembly (TOFA) you are requested to contact Jess Spade by either phoning on 01803 212638 or email [email protected]

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