Sunday, June 16, 2024

A plonker with a camera

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Ever wondered what would happen if we were to go live?  Or rather ever wondered what would happen if I go live.

Well think the video above gives us some indication as to what will happen.

#BoostTorbay now on

In March this year #BoostTorbay signed up and joined, a live stream platform that posts directly onto Twitter and yep you guessed it tonight I did our very first live broadcast with no idea what to say, no script and very little knowledge of lighting or sound requirements.

Did I mention you can follow us on there as well… if you want to hear a man muttering on about.. well anything there is to mutter about.

#BoostTorbay will be exploring the possibilities of Periscope including seeing how we might be able to use it as part of the #BoostTorbay chat on a Friday.  Tonight it’s been used in favour of replacing the weekly check in, although I’ve rambled on here an all.

Featured Account  – @hmslatter

Our featured account this week is @hmslatter an inspirational speaker raising awareness on living on the autism spectrum and inspiring local communities.

Please give her a follow, and a massive apologies for getting your handler wrong in the video.

Till next time…

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